Unique Cold Air Cryochamber
Without Liquid Nitrogen
for Cryotherapy.

Everybody wants to be healthy, enjoy life and peak experiences regardless of one's age. Air cryochamber Criohome ® will help you to keep the vital energy, achieve mental and physical balance.

What is cryotherapy?

Delight and Advantage of Criohome Use.

3-minute session of cryotherapy in Criohome ensures good spirits during a day and joy of life. It results from the effect that low temperature takes on body thus boosting endorphin production. Endorphin is known as a hormone responsible for sense of happiness giving a tremendous lift. These are just emotional signs of low temperatures effect on organism. Cryosauna brings pleasure as well as considerably improves state of body.

Whole body cryotherapy strengthens immune system, assists at coping with stress, extra weight, cellulite and chronic diseases.

Criohome. De Luxe Model of Cryosauna

Air cryosauna Criohome is made to give an impression of European luxe. Exclusive invention based on advanced technologies is of high performance and is valued for its secure work and environmental safety. Operability and ergonomic shape of Criohome save time and considerable efforts. Attractive exterior and modern design makes Criohome fit into any building whether a Fitness-center, a dwelling house or a yacht.

Criohome is definitely an acquisition for those who take care of themselves without saving on their health and who afford such a superb purchase. Criohome is of interest for those who follow the technological innovations of premium quality. Criohome is an excellent decoration of a gorgeous smart house.

Criohome. The way it works.

The air temperature inside of the chamber is – 85°С. Cooling and delivery of the air into the chamber is provided by the cascade refrigerating machine working with no liquid nitrogen, this fact allows using Criohome for homecare. Criohome unit suits for people of different statures and enables to listen and move to favorite music inside of it. Dry frosty air operates on skin receptors and thus boosters defense system of the body. Therapy time takes less than 3 minutes. Short rest is recommended after a cryosession to enhance the effect. Cryotherapy and the following 20-minute rest makes your day fantastic, secures you from depression increasing working efficiency.

Criohome – Reliable Quality.

Criohome is a result of high-technology, premium class equipment. High quality and security of such equipment stands for reason. Reputation of the German manufacturer Linde Gas Therapeutics GmbH, a successor of Crio Medizintechnik GmbH, speaks for itself, as well as the name of Cryotec Company, which provides the following services:

  • Individual project development
  • Installation, start-up and adjustment
  • Warranty and post-warranty service
  • Consultations on operations of the unit during its service life.

Criohome in interior

Service and guarantee

  • Customer design
  • Warranty and post-warranty serice maintenance
  • Personal maintenance during the whole life cycle of cryochamber