What is Cryotherapy?

“Cryotherapy” refers to the Greek word “kryos”, which means “cold”, and “therapya” stands for “treatment”. It is nowadays seen as a method of treatment and health-improving based on dosed application of cold temperatures either for the body areas or for the whole body. Heat elimination occurs during the cryotherapy that results in lowering of tissue temperature within the range of its cold resistance (5 - 10°С) without any damages to the heat regulation of the body.

Whole body cryotherapy is a cooling procedure carried out with extremely low temperature of – 60°C – 120°C on the whole body, head area inclusive, during 3 minutes in dry environment.

Whole body cryotherapy is provided in the cryosauna Criohome and considered to be environmentally friendly and safe as a universal technology without any health restrictions applied to all age groups.

Why is Treatment by Cold Effective?

Humidity level in the Criohome unit with extra low temperature of – 85°C provided by the high-tech cascade refrigerating machine is about zero that allows to stand the cryoprocedure without any stress. How does the treatment with cold work? The number of cold receptors is 8-10 times more than the number of heat ones. That’s why extra cold air flow positively affects the body, CNS and ANS, mobilizes physiological recourses, enhances immune system, and improves blood circulation. Cold does not only relieves the pain, dampens inflammation processes, spasm, but it improves microcirculation of blood and lymphatic system, muscle tonus and speeds metabolism.

Cryotherapy increases effectiveness of the following cosmetic procedures and sport trainings: skin better absorbs nutrients, muscles strengthen and get flexible. Cryosauna is a great solution for SPA-centers. Cryotherapy extensively helps with weight loss. Cold is a booster of metabolism that leads to weight loss during training. Cryotherapy carried at home relieves morning strain, takes off fatigue before important meeting, brings skin and muscle tone back. It is a wonderful alternative to coffee, alcohol and even to continuous exhausting trainings. All that saves your time and takes care of your health should not be underestimated.

Criohome ” - 85°С” eliminates the following symptoms:

  1. Performance decrement.
  2. Deterioration of immune system.
  3. Mental disbalance: depression, fatigue, mood disorder, deterioration of vitality and emotional balance.
  4. Metabolic disease.
  5. Lowering of muscle and skin tonus.
  6. Premature senility

Cryotherapy is safe and effective.

Criohome in interior

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